Day Visitors

Quaggaskloof is open to day visitors. Our day visitor area is situated by the clubhouse on a grassy park-like area. Day visitors are allowed to bring boats as well as camping chairs and gazebo’s.  We urge visitors to always bring a lot of sunblock and shade available as our summer days reach up to 39 degrees. Boat are allowed but not any jetski’s unless the skipper belongs to our Quaggaskloof Waterski Club.  Details on membership can be obtained from Eljo at the office. Skippers licenses are a must – without a skippers you will  not be allowed on the water. Any form of ‘water cowboying’ (playing dangerously on any water craft) will not be tolerated. Ablution facilities are available in the club house as well as a scullery or washing dishes.  We ask visitors to please leave the ablutions and scullery in a neat and tidy manner. Worcester is 15km from the dam so day visitors are advised to bring their own food and drinks. Wood, ice, cold drinks are available the tuck shop which is situated next to the office. Please keep the area clean and tidy when you leave. Quaggaskloof club is not liable for any damages or injuries obtained on site. Please read our disclaimer next to the safety office. The gate opens at 07h00 and closes at 18h30 for day visitors. Please note day visitors must leave the property by 19h00. Please note no dogs are allowed by day visitors. No quads/two wheelers are allowed.